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RustyBeer is a CLI tool / web server written in Rust, to calculate values used in the process of brewing beer.

Live server running at


If you don’t already have the toolset installed, you will first need to install Rust. From the root of the repository, run the following command:

cargo build

Running CLI

You can now run the CLI tool with:

cargo run --bin rustybeer <subcommand>

Running HTTP server

To start the server:

cargo run --bin rustybeer-server

You can access the OpenAPI UI from http://localhost:3000/docs. To change the port number, you can define environment variable PORT.


Tests can be ran by calling:

cargo test

If you would like to run only one test, you can do this by specifying the test name:

cargo test -- --nocapture <test name>

Files and Folders


Beer brewing has a lot of acronyms that have a meaning. This table is to help out with figuring out what everything means:

Acronum Description
ABV Alcohol By Volume
ABW Alcohol By Weight
OG Original Gravity
FG Final Gravity
SG Specific Gravity
IBU International Bittering Units

CLI Functionality

Below is a table of the features currently implemented.

Implemented Function Description Usage
:white_check_mark: ABV Calculates ABV from OG and FG or FG from OG and ABV abv --og <Original gravity> (--fg <Final gravity>) (--abv <Alcohol by volume>)
:white_check_mark: ABV <-> ABW Calculates alcohol by weight (ABW) from alcohol by volume (ABV) abv_abw --percent <alcohol percentage> (--total_volume <total beer volume>) (--total_density <density of beer in g/cmΒ³) (--reverse)
:white_check_mark: Beer style Finds beer styles matching given parameters beer_style (--og <Original gravity>) (--fg <Final gravity>) (--abv <Alcohol by volume>) (--ibu <International bittering units> (--color <SRM color>)
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Boil-off Gravity Calculates the volume needed to be boiled down to for a desired SG boil_off --current_gravity <current_gravity> --wort_volume <wort_volume> <--target_volume <target_volume>|--desired_gravity <desired_gravity>>
:white_check_mark: Calories Calculates calories by volume from OG and FG or from ABV calories (--og <Original gravity>) (--fg <Final gravity>) (--abv <Alcohol by volume>) (--volume <Beer volume>)
:white_check_mark: Dilution Calculates the SG after dilution diluting --sg <Current specific gravity> --cv <Current volume> --tv <Target volume>
:white_check_mark: FG Calculates FG from OG and yeast attenuation fg --og <Original gravity> --att <Yeast attenuation>
:white_check_mark: Num Of Bottles Calculates the number of bottles required for a given volume num_of_bottles --volume <volume>
:white_check_mark: Priming Beer Priming Calculator priming --temp <Beer temperature> --amount <Beer volume> --co2_volumes <co2_volumes>
:white_check_mark: SG Correction Corrects SG reading for differences between measurement and calibration temperatures sg_correction --sg <Specific gravity reading> --ct <Calibration temperature> --mt <Measurement temperature>
:white_check_mark: Yeast Viability Estimates yeast viability based off production date yeast-viability --pd <Production date> --cc <Cell count> --f <Date format>

This list will expand as ideas and suggestions come in.

Other Tasks to Do

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